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European Week (Birmingham)


I am pleased to invite you to participate in the European week celebrations organized by Culturae Mundi, a student led project designed to bring together different cultures of the world.

Culturae Mundi is a new programme devised and run by young people and supported by Coventry University and the International Experience and Mobility Service (IEMS), Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU). The Culturae Mundi project is devised to celebrate Multiculturalism and Multilingualism on campus and in the city through events.

The European Week is part of Culturae Mundi’s project of raising cultural awareness of various communities and it is a week of cultural events in Coventry that includes speeches, seminars and workshops, film screenings, concerts and cultural events related to the European Countries. The week starts on the 21st of February and runs until the 28th of February, Protected content .

We encourage expats and societies to take part in the European Week which is designed to create a better understanding of the various cultures of Europe and to put forward suggestions for the week.

Here are some of the activities planned for the European week which will be the next major event and is scheduled as follows:

Tuesday 21st
Pancake Tuesday

11:30-1pm Car Share Cram – enter a team and see how many people you can fit into a car! £50 for the winning society. Outside the Hub near James Starley stairs.
12:30 – 2pm Pancake competition – quickest and best pancake + pancake race – [Outside the Hub]
2pm – ‘Natural Environment’ photography competition short listing by guest judges Severn Trent Water and Gerry Ackerman Deputy Director Estates. In Hub Foyer.
- Book on a tour of the Severn Trent Building taking place on Wednesday 22nd February.

6pm - Welcome and overview of the day – Video
6:10pm - Latino club presentation
Protected content - Flamenco –(Marcos + what's Flamenco?)
Protected content - Promotion of European Salsa Championship University and Youth – I@CU team
7:20pm - All about Salsa – (
8pm - Break – food & other side attractions....
8:35pm - Music Protected content et al)
9:20pm till late - Dance, side attraction, Latin club night
Thursday 23rd Dutch Day
Protected content · Protected content of Dutch snacks and drinks
· Protected content of Dutch brands and celebrities
· Protected content of Dutch culture
· Protected content of annual Dutch events and tourist attractions
· Protected content show
Friday 24th German Day
1pm – 8pm 1 – 6pm Flea Market (confirmation in progress)
3 – 4:30 pm Talk from German lady and
4:30 – 6pm musical presentation from German tutor + students
6 -8pm Film
Saturday 25th Middle East Europe (Polish, Romania etc.)
10am - Football (5-aside) in the morning + band and variety night
(all day activities)
Sunday 26th Nordic/Scandinavian day Activities not yet confirmed
Monday 27th Italian/Greek day Film show (Pizzicata), Music, and mafia flash mob etc.
Tuesday 28th French Day · Protected content show
· Protected content party

If you have any suggestions from your countries i would be happy to accomodate them and please you are all invited......

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