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Our new home Birmingham yes/no?


Dear Birmingham people!

My name is Marco Lambooij (Dutch native), and I am thinking about moving to the UK with my partner (Bosnian native). We are still trying to find out where exactly. Would any of you be so kind as to answer some of the questions we have about Birmingham?

Work: would you say it is relatively easy to find a job? We both are eligible to work in the UK. Our field of interest is Marketing / Business Development / Communications / NGO and International Organizations. We are starters with about Protected content of work experience.

Housing: What is the average rent price for a one-bedroom apartment?

General costs: Would you say Birmingham is an expensive city? Would you also say Birmingham can offer sufficient comfort for an average salary?

What do you like most about Birmingham? Why would you recommend to (not) live there?

Thank you guys so much in advance, any information you can give will help us tremendously!



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