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Social Media Audit + Management (Birmingham)

We are Social Media Consultants. We work with companies and executives to optimize their online business and personal presence and brand with social media marketing.
We’ll make social media marketing easy by managing your social profiles and online presence.

Especially created for clients, we'll help you develop and manage a social and online presence ensuring you get the maximum value from social media without having to spend all your time online!

We provide full-scale Location Based Marketing packages, however due to high referral system we are fully booked for the remaining 9 months.

For that reason we are able to offer special Social Media Consultancy packages. But only for the first 11 clients. So it is on a first-come basis.

We specialise in:

Youtube and Vimeo
Wordpress and more…

The aim for Social Media is:
Listen – get to know your customers better; identify influencers.

Engage – determine the types of conversation that is relevant to you; respond in real-time and be consistent

Measure – extract insights from the activity; relate your findings to business goals; and adjust your strategy and tactics to what you discover

Scale – map customer relationships to relevant social activity; establish complete (but workable) social media guidelines; and automate appropriate processes where possible.

You will be using our services first time and for that reason this is a serious offer.

Min 4 months full-scale social media management service includes:

Social Media Audit (valued $480/£ Protected content

What channels are you utilising and how have they been performing? What could be improved, from design and usability to the way they are managed? Are you on the right channels? Are you targeting your audience? Are social feeds clearly findable on the website and do posts have sharing options?
Are you Listening, Engaging, Measuring and Scaling?

Tech Set-up (valued $270/£ Protected content

We will set-up up to 3 social media profiles of your choice and network each profile together with your existing blog or website. We will implement recommendations and feedback from the custom audit.
Profile choices: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, G+, YouTube and more

[Client to supply existing elements, which may include logo, images, photos, colors and fonts]

Business Pro Package: Management of 3 Profiles + Consulting — $620/month (£370)

Monthly social media management package includes 3 networks with additional content distribution and engagement, auto-following and strategic consulting.
The 3 networks may include Facebook business Page, Facebook Personal Profile, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn, G+ and more…

1) Monthly maintenance services on 3 online networks
a) Content distribution
b) Audience building
c) Engagement (up to 30 minutes daily) on chosen 3 profiles
I. Manage Direct Messages from followers
II. Manage followers (remove spam)
III. Engage with followers
IV. Respond to people who have RT’d you
V. Respond to comments on Facebook and LinkedIn
d) Reputation management and monitoring (up to 30 minutes daily)
e) Statistics and reporting

2) Strategic consulting: Bi-weekly 30-minute strategic consulting conference call in which we’ll provide support and advise client on engagement and viral strategies, ad hoc campaigns, contests and social apps.

Optional Add-ons (ask for pricing & details)
• Research, write and proof 2 blog posts a month, Protected content each
• Add these blog posts to Facebook notes page and promote (or give you the option to have them on your Website)
• Engage in conversation with followers and build a Klout Score

For full details contact Harin on Protected content

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