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Big New Year (Bishkek)

Friends and future "Elfyata"! You've probably already decided who and where you are going to celebrate the New Year, but why not do something a little different this year?! In our beautiful Bishkek city there are people who have a number of many reasons not to be a festive mood. We, the team of "Bishkek Elves" want to spread some of the festivity, giving out a little warmth and love! So we decided to arrange a holiday for everyone!!
December 31st from 10: Protected content , 16. Protected content 00 our team of Bishkek Elves, “Elfyata" will walk around the city and spread some Happy New Year cheer, give gifts, conduct fun games and competitions, to treat all the different sweets and treats, organize flash mobs and much much more !!! Having fun just getting out and about and frolicking in the fine B-town spreading some festive vibes!!
Do not stay on the sidelines for the last day of Protected content !!! Start welcoming in Protected content taking part in creating a festive mood for everyone!!! You can donate a gift and / or card, and let us know of someone who would like some cheer and we will add them to our Elfyata list!! Grab a costume or even just a new year santa hat and come and make a memorable last day of Protected content !
For any information call or message the lovely Bishkek Elf Victoria ( Protected content )
P.S. Come on and repost the event - invite your friends! More the merrier!
P.P.S. The event is not looking for any company PR/Sponsorship. We want to keep this simple and easy no corporate affiliations etc. However, we do need help from individuals! Our team "Bishkek Elves" is not sponsored, just an idea that started and would be lovely to see happen, so we are open to any form of participation..
So here's a santa-list of what will be needed to get this event happening:
- Cars! If you have a minivan, minivan, bus, truck – you would like to decorate come add it to the Elfyata convoy!
- Drivers with "C" class/manual license
- Dancers or dance groups -- come get your groove on and shake it in the winter weather!
- Video camera operators and photographers
- DJ
- Packers gifts and warm goodies
- Cooks/anyone with baking prowess!
- Musicians!
- Decorators/Decorations (for decorating the cars)
- Sponsors (accept any voluntary contribution – we currently have $ Protected content climbing but we need it to climb to around $ Protected content make it super special so every bit counts!)
- Joyful gift donations of; tea, biscuits, candies, chocolates, mandarins, – socks/scarves/mittens – small toys, ballloons
- Media
- Firework lovers/ people good with balloons! And anyone good with fire poi out there you would be massively welcome!!
- Volunteers (contact us and ask area in which you would like to participate)
So if you are free this 31st, grab a costume n hit B-town streets with some joy n’ partying. Do this and be on santa’s good good list already for Protected content ! We hope to see you there bringing your smiles with your festive party hat on!

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