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InterNations Bishkek First Get-Together - Thanks.

Ladies and Gents,

1) A big thanks to Caspar for his support and assistance.

2) A big thanks to all the InterNations Bishkek guests of last Monday (21th of March) without you folks it wouldn't have been a success. Thanks for a lovely evening!

If anyone has any feedback, positive or negative, please let me know.

It was our First Get-Together. It's not always easy in the beginning, but we did it. Step by step we will develop our Bishkek community.
Some of people can be sceptics and say "Do I need it?".
All of us are busy with a work, family, etc. But, to meet new people is interesting, we will share with each other by useful information (good shops, cultural events, etc.), we will have a nice time at our Get-Together.

I would like to ask you to invite your colleagues and friends, who came to Bishkek, join InterNations Bishkek. It will help them to know what is going on in Bishkek.

I look forward to seeing you at future InterNations events and wish you all a great time in Bishkek.


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