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Marriage proposal to Kyrgyz girl (Bishkek)

Hello. I have been trying to find more information on this topic but haven't come up with too many answers. I am wanting to propose to a Kyrgyz girl and she feels the same way about me. Her family is not very traditional so I don't need to do anything too crazy. However, I have been told that typically an engaged Kyrgyz girl will wear gold earrings that have been given to her by the grooms mother. The part with my mother would be impossible but I would like to give her the gold earrings.

My question is, what should these earrings look like? Should they be plain or can they be large or fancy? Can they have gemstones? Does it matter at all or is it pretty much up to the taste of the woman? Also does "white gold" count or is the yellow gold color important?

Thanks for any information!

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