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office needed! (Bishkek)

Hi! I'm a Ph.D. student/researcher currently working in Bishkek. I really need to find an office space of some kind where I can do my work--my flat is too small and crowded, and my host university does not have space to spare. I usually work late, sometimes until 4am or so, so I need to find a space that will allow me late-night access. Other requirements: it must be quiet; I must be able to leave books/materials there without worrying that they will be taken; and i cannot afford to pay more than $150-$200 per month. I am open to all kinds of options--a room in someone's office suite/house/flat; a separate office; a small flat. I do not require internet, or even furniture (I can provide my own). The space does not have to be especially nice or in good repair, though I would prefer to find a space located in or near the city center. I am interested in both short-term and long-term rental options, and would be open to the possibility of sharing space with someone who is looking for a similar arrangement. Please send me a message if you have any leads, ideas, advice, or guidance! My email address is Protected content . Thanks so much! All best, Erica

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