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Playground for Disabled Children in Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek)

Hi all! I am currently volunteering at Kelechek Healthprom, an NGO based in Bishkek which supports children with disabilities throughout the region. Here in Kyrgyzstan, disabled children are seen as a burden to society and a shame upon their families, leading them to be placed in orphanages where they are often taken advantage of and pushed into sex trafficking. For example, in Protected content helped close and redistribute the children of the Pokrovskij Orphanage where over 5 children had died due to ignorance, violence and hunger. We feel that it is possible to change the culture so that people begin to see these children as beautiful and unique human beings who should have the same right to a prosperous life as anyone else.
The best way to achieve this is by demonstrating to the Kyrgyz people that, just because a child is different, this does not mean that they can't become confident members of society. We are working to install playgrounds which bring disabled children together where they can interact and play just as normal children have for years. As parents watch their children gain the same social skills as children at other playgrounds, they will begin to appreciate the kids for who they are despite their disabilities. This has the potential to both improve these children's lifestyles, and encourage families to raise their disabled children rather that resorting to one of Kyrgyzstan's orphanages.
We would love your support and are accepting even small donations to reach our $2,332 goal!
You can look into the Osh City project here:
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