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Universal Order! (Bishkek)

Dear reader!!!!
Each of us is the Legacy of Sovereign Earth born survivors of Millions of years of Human Habitation. Of which once upon a time Humans were accompanied by other necessary life forms that existed freely all over Planet Earth All being Subject to the Universal Order!
Protected content of Life or the Lands was not part of the Circumstances of the Evolution of the Essential Universal Order! Such as the Sun, Earth or Moon………….
Humans have taken it upon themselves to use and abuse, with the aid of invented Destructive Technology, too many of Earth’s necessary and vital circulation systems required for the Equal Evolution in the Human Cause of their own Selfish, power, prominence, safety, convenience comforts and advantage, submitting other life systems, to extinction, over exploitation, using our own and other species as beasts of burden. Demonizing other Humans as inferior beings as a reason for being at War. Killing, Enslaving, looting and stealing the Lands of which they occupied in the justification that the Victors are Worthier Superior Human Beings!
Weapons of Death, Destruction and Military Superiority can never be justified Reasons to shape the required Self Actualization and growth of All of the Sovereign Destiny of all of Earth’s Life Forces!
The latest Statistics say that Earth now has 65 Million Refugees! Either we are Earth born with Equal Rights as Essential Universal Order or as Human Law and Order have made it that anyone born outside their Illegally Stolen and Military enforced borders are Illegal Aliens requiring Entry Visas and other Documentation for allowable Entry!
Protected content can only ever last until Earth can no longer support any Life?
Throughout History all over the Earth there have been Idealists who have given wise advice who have been idolized and become the basis for the founding of a New Religion but sadly whilst their selves have been immortalized their important and wise messages have largely been ignored!

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