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Visa extension & immigrant status questions (Bishkek)

Hello all,

I hope someone here can help me with some of my questions. First let me introduce myself. My name is Vincent Wisse, 31 years old and I am from The Netherlands. Almost one year ago I met the girl of my dreams online and after months of chatting, skyping and such I just knew I couldn't let this girl slip away and I decided to come here.
I love my girlfriend very with all my heart and I'm planning to propose to her on valentines day. That is if I'm still here then.
I'm here on a 3 month private visa that expires on January 20th. The visa centre in the Netherlands that handled my application told me that I can just renew my visa here. I have some questions about this

- Is this true and if so where do I need to go for that. How long will it take and what are the costs.
- Can I renew for 3 months again or better yet 6 months or a year.
- When should I do this at the latest

Because I plan to marry my girlfriend I would like to stay here permanently without having to renew my visa. I found a document online called

Law of the Republic of Kyrgyzistan on External Migration

That document suggest that anyone capable can apply for immigrant status or a permanent residency permit. I have some questions on this subject as well.

- Where do I go to apply for immigrant status/permanent residency
- Is it a long process and can I keep renewing my visa til I receive an answer

I hope someone here has experience with this and is able to help/advice me.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

PS some additional info that may be helpfull
I work online for a dutch company an my girlfriend also works. We make enough to support ourselves.
I am in contact with a kyrgyz company to run their webshop
I am healthy
If I'm still here I will start russian lessons in February
I will do everything I can to integrate

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