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Visa question (Bishkek)

Hey folks,

I arrived here from the U.S. in late October as a volunteer for Freedom House (FH) for 6 months. It was suggested to me by their Bishkek office that I receive a business visa at the airport which would be then prolonged. After I arrived here, FH tried to get accreditation through USAID for me, but was not successful due to a timing issue.

At that point, FH Bishkek applied for 6 months business visa on my behalf. Today I received a denial of my visa from OVIR. OVIR cited a "lack of purpose in my stay in Kyrgyzstan" as the reason for the denial of my visa. My office successfully appealed for a review of my application and I should expect an answer in another month.

I know that as a U.S. citizen, I most assuredly can prolong my stay for up to 90 days, which expires on January 21st for me. I don't have high hopes for my appeal. Thus, I am wondering whether if leave the country, say go to Kazakhstan for a few days, then return to Kyrgyzstan, will I be able to restart the 90 day hassle free visa period again?

Any other advice is welcome as well.


P.S. I know I have Uzbek and Kyrgyz flags next to my profile, but I don't have an Uzbek citizenship, just U.S.

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