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My FAV places in Blantyre

Hi everyone. I took some time to share my favorite places in Blantyre with you. When I go to Blantyre these are the places where I usually spend some time. Maybe you know them all, maybe you don't, maybe you want to add some others... Please do so. :)

MOUNT SOCHE Hotel / PICASSO restaurant (Glynn Jones Rd. in front of Victoria Av.): bars (inside and outside the hotel building, but I prefer inside), beautiful and lush gardens, swimming pool and the PICASSO restaurant. Great to go in the morning and afternoon by the pool. The bar serves some nice snacks. Picasso is more a fancy restaurant with some punctilio / formality and it’s one of my favorite restaurants in town. Food and wine selection are good.

CASA MIA restaurant (turn to Adventist Hospital and follow Kabula Hill Rd. – it’s one the left, after some 500m): Another of my favorite restaurants in Blantyre where the food and available wines make it worthwhile.

CHEZ MAKI (follow Kabula Hill Rd. and turn left just before Casa Mia and after 150m it’s on the left): this nice and modest lodge offers a beautiful garden, a quiet promenade / veranda and a swimming pool. They also serve cheap meals. I love it there for the tranquil, the green and the great taste in music.

HOUSE 5 / QUARTER BISTRO (again, follow Kabula Hill Rd. and after Casa Mia turn left at the gates): if you turn at the first gates you’re at Quarter Bistro, if you keep going on you’ll find House 5 lodge. It’s been a while since I don’t go here but used to be one of my favorite places in town as well. The swimming pool is very nice and clean, and the restaurant serves light and Mediterranean food that I just love. Around the pool there’s also a garden to make it more tranquil and discreet.

LA CAVERNA (Mandala Rd. It’s in the old Mandala House, from Blantyre city centre go to the market and follow that road and after the market it’s on your left): Another one of my favorites spots in spots. Beautiful place to be. Lush gardens to go with nice Mediterranean food. Lots of expats go here specially because there’s a children park. There’s also an art gallery with very beautiful items. It closes after Saturday lunch and Sunday, though.

TJ’s (from clock tower roundabout take the large Av. to Shoprite and turn right at the next roundabout. It’s on your right almost in front of the College of Medicine): nice bar and restaurant to go and watch football and other sports. The atmosphere here was created for sports.

PROTEA RYALLS Hotel / 21 GRILL(top of Hanover Av. In city centre): bar, swimming pool and restaurant. The swimming pool is surrounded by the complex. Lacks some green here. On Sundays they have buffet menu. The bar is inside but it’s a nice place to be as well. There’s also the 21 GRILL restaurant - food is great and the wine options are very nice well. It’s the best yet, most expensive restaurant in town.

BOMBAY PALACE restaurant (Hanover Av., almost in front of PROTEA): best Indian cuisine restaurant. For Indian cuisine lovers, you can’t miss going there. The food is very tasty.

DOOGLE’S bar (from Chileka Rd. turn to Mulomba Place at the bus station and after some 300m, it’s on your right): this bar used to be crowded and a good place to go (with a small swimming pool), yet I don’t know why they’ve done some changes in the décor and now you can hear the flies.

L’HOSTARIA (Sharpe Rd. from Protea Ryalls, go down Hanover Rd., take the 1st right and then the 2nd left, and it’s on your left): nice pizzeria and pasta place to change your diet from time to time.

STEERS AND DEBONAIRS (Hanover Av. just below Protea in the fuel station): if you care for some industrial and “plastic” food, here you’ll find a pizzas and burgers.

HOSTELLERIE DE FRANCE (Kidney Crescent; from clock tower roundabout go to Shoprite and take the 4th left, next to BLUE ELEPHANT): never actually been there but the opinions I have is that this lodge has a swimming pool, bar and restaurant and you can eat some nice food here.

MUSTANG SALLY (can’t quite make the address – maybe someone can help): bar and disco with African music only.

BASEMENT (Haile Selassie Av. next to Escom old building): disco with some variety of music

BLUE ELEPHANT (Kidney Crescent; from clock tower roundabout go to Shoprite and take the 4th left, next to HOSTELLERIE DE FRANCE): bar and disco with African music only

CHEZ N’TEMBA (Hanover Av., when going down it’s on the left): bars and disco with African music only

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