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Immigration Research (Bochum)

Hi everyone,
my name is Elisa Sperandio and I am an undergraduate student at Concord University, majoring in Political Science and Geography. I am currently working on a research project focusing on immigration in the Essen-Dusseldorf area, supervised by Dr. Shimantini Shome. If I obtain sufficient data, I will be presenting at SEEDAG in Florida next Fall. I met some of you during an event I attended in Essen, and I am now looking to possibly create a focus group, and to find individuals willing to share their immigration experience by filling out a simple questionnaire. Names will not be used in the presentation or in the paper, and all information will remain confidential. The project has been fully approved by the university's Human Subjects Review Board. Please, if you would be available to partake in this study, feel free to email me at Protected content . I am new here in Essen, and this would also be a great way to meet new people. Alternatively, if you don't have time to join in for a coffee-themed focus group, but still would love to help, you can fill in this questionnaire and then send it to my email address.
Thank you for your collaboration :)

1- Where are you originally from?

2- What were your reasons for emigrating?

3- How long have you been in Germany?

4- Is Germany your final/desired destination?

5- Did you come here with other family members?

6- Where in the Essen-Düsseldorf area do you currently reside? Does your neighborhood house several other migrants?

7- What is your migrant status current status (undocumented/visa/permanent residency/citizenship)?

8- Are you employed at this time? If yes, please briefly describe your working environment.

9- Do you send part of your income (remittances) back to your home country?

10- If you responded YES to question number 8, what percentage of your monthly income is set aside for such purpose?

(All of the data and information collected with this questionnaire may be used for research purposes but no names or personal identifying information will be disclosed)

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