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Areas to buy (Bodrum)

Hello there!
I have just joined and am really looking forward to meeting lots of you when it's our time to be out here permananently. At the moment we own a holiday apartment in Tuzla which we go to 3 times a year, and we bought in Protected content . We love it there, but it is suitable only for the purpose of which it was built.
We are coming out in June and are going to start our research in areas it may be nice to live. This is where I am hoping to gain some invaluable advice from members already living out there. We are keen to learn the language and integrate within the community, but it is also important for us to be in a community with a mixture of nationalities so we don't feel a little isolated. We are also wanting somewhere which is suitable for all round living, not somewhere where is great in the summer and all closes down throughout the winter months.
Some advice would be very greatly appreciated.
Many thanks. Penny and Gary.

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