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“ARSLAN IKI” RESTAURANT New concept to Bitez (Bodrum)

Sorry i got a couple of things wrong, Oopps! The Date is Saturday 14th April 7pm. The Name is ARSLAN 2, not IKI Any way See you there!

It’s an Old concept in Istanbul, but new to Bodrum
Come taste the fantastic Cuisine in The Secret Garden, hear the live band from Istanbul and feel the ambiance. Nothing like it in Bodrum! (Promise)
Let’s make this a night to remember. Get your “Glad Rags out” and Party.
It takes a lot of Guts to open anything new these days with the world economy as it is. So when I’m told by a very Good Friend, Nalan, She’s opening a New Restaurant in Bitez, it feels me with excitement! Let’s support her and her partner, it costs us nothing to sample her wonderful cuisine and drink her Raki. Open Night for our friends!
There’s an old saying in Turkey, “If you eat fish without Raki, the fish will cry!” Come and do both with an array of Meze on The house.
The date to remember is Tuesday 10th April. See you there at 7pm.
Please… Tell all your friends. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the old fashion way, by mouth)
The Place. Arslan Iki Restaurant, No Protected content Caddesi Bitez
If by the Address you don’t know where it is in Bitez. It was opened last year as an Indian Restaurant. Sah Caddesi is parallel to Bitez beach and Arslan Iki is behind New Season’s Car park
Look forward to seeing you all there XX

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