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Event at the Lemon Tree (Bodrum)

Dear Susan and all of you,
More than 10 days past by...and I still didn't sent a little message to thank all of you for welcoming me!!
So thank you Susan, for being such an "exceptional" and "warm" hostess: you have a precious gift/talent : you emphasize with people and make them feel comfortable, thank you so much. Thanks to Steve and his "gerçek Güher, yalnış Rose", for their great love story and...the bad cigarettes! Thanks to Katia for her Russian-Canadian kindness and natural! Thanks to Tuna too, sorry you had to spend part of the evening with an "old bitch" like me after the younger ones left!:-) Thanks to Chris for the charming conversation, "my greetings " to everyone in the lovely Bitez Village when you go out shopping:-)
Hope to see all of you again very soon

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