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Final vote: Bodrum is the winner!


Bodrum is a gem for many reasons in my book. I wonder if you will agree.

1. Bodrum has ample tourist facilities.
2. Although pricey, most restaurants here are fantastic.
3. The marina has the most vessels I've ever seen.
4. The Bodrum peninsula has many villages.
5. I love the windmills.
6. The sea is clean.
7. Lots of shopping malls.
8. Convenient mini bus connections.
9. Many people speak English. Russian, German, Spanish
10. Exploring the Greek islands is easy.
11. You can pay in US dollars of British pounds. You don't have to go to the exchange place.
12. This is probably not politically correct but I'll say it anyway; No call to prayers heard for miles!
13. If it's good enough for celebrities, it's good enough for me.
14. It's cooler than Fethiye temp wise.
15. Roads are like a roller coaster going to Yavakalik
16. All the expats fools who would rather live without Western conveniences and who are generally pain-in-the asses anyway don't live here! Life is hard, why make it harder? They want to be a big fish in a little bowl, here's the truth: you are just a fish.
17. Bodrum has the touch of glamour I need: all the whitewashed houses overlooking the sparkling blue sea...

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