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Retire in Turkey - Tax situation? (Bodrum)

Hi everyone,

Been searching on Internet to get clear directions on how people get taxed in Turkey if they live there (without a job), like somebody that gets retired. Some people say, as long as you have your ikamet, and there is no income that was created in Turkey, you do not need to file for tax at all. Other say, if you live more than Protected content per year in Turkey, you are Tax resident, and you get taxed on your world income...

So, what is the real situation. Let's assume I have offshore funds (for pension), so outside Turkey, but I live more than Protected content per year in Turkey, do I need to get taxed on these offshore funds in Turkey? Or perhaps, you rent out a house outside Turkey (and receive that money on a Bank outside Turkey), but you use that money to live in Turkey, are you getting taxed in Turkey on that?

thanks for a clear guideline on this, or perhaps refer me to a (official) web-site

Would also enjoy if people in similar situation as myself would share their story of living in Turkey


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