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Always call a taxi (Bogotá)


Dear Expats:

After the death of the DEA agent in a robbery known as "paseo millonario" after taking a taxi in 93 Park, we insist in always calling a cab instead of taking them on the street. This is a very unfortunate incident that happened after the agent took a taxi in a "green zone" here in Bogota. Even if you feel safe in certain areas of Bogota, please take due precautions.

Always call a taxi. No exception. Please remember that if you are a foreigner, your risk is higher.

After calling a taxi:

- Always check that the number of the plates of the cab is the one confirmed by the taxi company. Do not assume that the confirmed taxi is the same one that arrived. Write down the plates and always check.

- If possible, text the number of the plates to a person you know and call that person once you reach your destination.

- Check the cab in the inside. You must see the table of rates, the photo of the driver and a sticker with the number of the plates in the windows.

- Do not have conversations with the taxi driver different than where you are going and the cost of the service. Do not talk about where you are from and why you are here.

- Drivers should not hear your phone conversations (even if they are in a foreign language) or see how much money is in your wallet.

- If possible, try not to go alone in a taxi at night.

- If possible, do not carry your laptop or valuables in a taxi.

- Do not assume this kind of robberies happen only at night. Always call a taxi, even during daytime.

There are many numbers you can call, like Protected content , Protected content , Protected content , etc. One Iine I always use and is not so congestioned is Protected content .

Please take into account these recommendations. Your safety is the most important thing.

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