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American Family to Bogota (Bogotá)

We have found out that we may be moving to Bogota in January. We would be bringing 2 of our children, 12 and 16 girls. I have been doing research and it looks like a good fit for our family. My husband would be working in Cota. We have a dog and three cats and would be bringing our own home furnishings.

It sounds like we would have a choice between a house rental in Chia or an apartment rental in Chico. Do you have any input to pros and cons of each?

In my research it seems like bringing our pets to Bogota is no problem. They are small and our dog isn't one of the restricted breeds. What about going back home to the United States? Has anybody had any experience good or bad moving your pets BACK home?

Will finding a rental that will allow this many pets be a problem?

Has anybody been there and gotten on the insurance that is on an insulin pump (medtronic) and diabetic? How did that work out with getting the supplies or anything insulin pump related?

How much do various salon/spa services cost in general? Massages? Pedicures?

Any other tips, tricks? This is all a bit overwhelming and I appreciate any advice.

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