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Billiards (Bogotá)


I am looking for people who are fairly good at billiards (pool), and that are willing to teach me and practice a couple of times a week. There's a joint right across my street and they don't play vallenato (Yeah, I know). A heads up, I am super sloppy and have no strength in my arms, let alone the resistance needed for such a sport you guys better be patient and disregard my dorky persona (it's a conscious reaction to deflect embarrassment).

Also, I am sharing on Internations cause I don't want to post on Craigslist. Billiards? On Craigslist? You kidding me? Is there a better way to summon the creepers? Don't get me wrong, regular craigslisters, I believe your second-hand furniture and Chevy are in great shape, and that just like me, you entertain yourselves with the "Best of Craiglist" ads in your off-time, but I'm leaning to think that the Internations community falls into the "we're extraordinarily normal aliens" category. And I did ask my friends but none seem to be as enthusiastic and knowledgeable, so if you are, let's scratch that one off my bucket list.

Anyways, if this caught your attention, join the thread and we'll talk.

PS: The more the merrier, but then again, I kinda don't know what the rules are. So I guess there's a limit of participants?

Also, is there a boardgames group here? -Anything from Cards Against Humanity to Risk?

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