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Colegio Nueva Granada (Bogotá)

Hey everyone, so my Aunt who is currently living in the U.S is planning to move next year with her husband (he is American). They have a 15 year old daugher who speaks zero spanol and has never been to Colombia. They want to send her to a bilingual school here in bogota,that is similar if not almost the same as a regular high school. I've done a bit of research and so far I've narrowed my options to CNG, Los Nogales, and Anglo Colombiano. They are not concerned about the Bachillerato curriculum nor the ICFES and such. In a nutshell my cousing would like to attend a school were english is spoken at native level not only by the teachers but also its students. And would like to know if anyone here in internations has any insight regarding CNG or the other schools. To be honest though the best option I've seen is CNG.

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