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Dont Give Papaya (Bogotá)


Give Papaya is a Colombian Expression that means : lack of common sense : give others the opportunity to take advantage of you : Aka , rob, scam, you..

Recently was kidnapped an American guy in the Area or Puerto Asis and before anybody start a thread about how Expat are being kidnapped and how dangerous is Colombia we should clarify the guy is a Retired Marine and he was warned about the danger of the area and was invited to take a plane towards the beautiful area of Guaviare, that is a perfect example of Give Papaya,, He probably had a Rambo fantasy .... (Even American Ambassador was very upset with the guy)

Colombia has an endless list of beautiful places to visit , most of them pretty safe, but before start any trekking, or camping or so,, ask locals or even better ask the authorities about safety and try to hire a local guide

If you have an expensive smartphone, dont show it off on the street (either here in Bogota or Geneve , Switzerland) those phones are eye candy for many people.

I wont mention those who like to go to Non-Saint Places but you know what are we talking about,, those places and those people are dangerous worldwide...

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