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Experience w/ local Notaria for Union Marital (Bogotá)

Hello all - I am looking for a Notaria here in Bogota that does NOT require a registro civil to do a Union Marital. Has anyone had experience with this?

I am a US citizen and recently relocated to Bogota with my long-term Colombian boyfriend (of 8+ years). We came with the intention of declaring a Union Marital here, however we have discovered that as an American, proving I am "eligible to marry" is a complicated process. I have read anecdotally that it is possible to find a Notaria that will do the Union Marital without requiring the equivalent of a registro civil from the extranjero, and I am wondering if anyone has done this recently and could recommend the Notaria they used?

Thank you in advance for any help/guidance/suggestions and feliz semana santa!

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