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Finding work (Bogotá)


I'm brandnew in Bogotá and I'm currently looking for a job, so I got two questions-

1- I'm living here with my boyfriend, we're not married, so I do not have a spouse visa. Currently I don't have any work visa, but I read that I can apply for jo bs anyway and if I get one I just have to take the papers to a neighbor country, go to the Colobian embassy there and that's it. Is it really that easy?

2- I'm a Master's graduate in business management with a focus on marketing and work experience in large companies in Germany, Spain and the United States. I'm fluent in German and English and I have a medium level of Spanish. I know the websites elempleo and zonajobs already, but does anyone have an advice on how to find work in my profession? Maybe you can even recommend a company which is currently loooking for employees?

Thanks a lot!!

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