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Finding Work and living in Colombia as an Expat (Bogotá)

As the ambassador of the InterNations Bogota Community I've seen expats come and go, but most concerns me is seing how much people love Colombia after living here and having to leave because their contract is finished and their working visa expires. Although I work for a well known recruitment and staffing agency world wide, I have the feeling here in Colombia, most of the small to medium companies are afraid of hiring expats because of the commitments they have to make to the person and the government.

I would like to be able to help guide people on how to get around getting a job in Colombia or any other type of visa so that they can stay, so I am VERY interested in hearing your stories and experiences, as well as any tips, tricks and interesting related links that can help those expats that really want to stay.

- Post your stories
- Links to governmental sites
- What to do
- What NOT to do (or MUST avoid)
- Which companies are currently hiring expats
- Valuable experiences
- Tips and tricks

Looking foward to hearing from you! Hopefully we can set up a small guide for those of you interested ;)

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