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Free US Tax Seminar in Bogota (Bogotá)

Tax Planner CPA LP is considering offering a free seminar for US taxpayers living in Colombia. This seminar would include the following topics (Although more can be added depending on interest):

- Foreign Earned Income Exclusion overview

- Foreign tax credit

- Foreign Bank account reporting - FBAR TDF Protected content

- Controlled Foreign Corporations

IRS Problems:

- Unfiled tax returns

- Under reporting

- Criminal vs. Civil Penalties

- Will the DIAN ever share information with the IRS?

The objective of the seminar is to fully outline the topics that US Taxpayers living in Colombia should be aware of. Seminar will be led by members of the Tax Planner CPA Team (Specific members to be determined - see Protected content ).

We are looking to gauge interest in the seminar, in order to plan viability, scope and venue. If you are interested, please share your information so we can estimate attendance and send you future information on the seminar. Seminar would take place in Bogota in October Protected content .

After the seminar, we would be happy to schedule free individual consultations.

Please visit:

Protected content for more information and to leave your e-mail for notification once it is scheduled.

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