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General questions (Bogotá)


Hi all,

As i continue doing research for my possible future abroad, several questions arise which i hope you are able to answer!
And yes, like many other posts in this section, this also includes several visa related questions ;-)

1) Say, you manage to obtain a job, enabling you to apply for a work visa. Do you have to stick to one employer? For example, if you find a different job on the side, would that be allowed?

2) Is a local bank account really necessary?

3) (if so) What would the requirements be for a local bank account?

4) What if you lose your job -for whatever reason-? do you have to leave the country? Or will you have time to look for something else while your visa is valid?

5) Is there a minimum salary you need to be earning for a work visa?

6) This may look somewhat odd, but how does it work when it comes to doctor/hospital visits?
Is there a (required) insurance you need to have or do/can you pay per visit?


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