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General questions about life in Bogota and VISA (Bogotá)

Hi Everyone, i'm new to this forum and may be a Bogota visitor, i'm planning to travel for a 06 month assignment in Bogota and before confirming my travel i want to get some help on general questions :) :

Here we go:

- Is a business VISA good for 06 month stay?
- What about the general safety there, since i'm travelling with my baby and wife i want to check that there is no issues to live in Bogota since i heard many stories from my friends and even my readings on the forum and i'm somehow confused.
- Is there any English pediatrician speakers around?
- Any recommendations for short term furnished appartments and which area is the best to live in?
- My spanish is very basic and i don't know if this will be a problem for living there?

I hope to get some feedbacks from Bogota community. Thanks !

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