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Getting around without a car (Bogotá)


I'm not in Bogota yet, but will be there in about a month (so keep me posted on events!!) to start my job search. I'll only be there for a week this time but I'm planning to network and get out as much as possible. I haven't spent this much time in Bogota before so my question is...what is it like getting around the city without a car? I've taken the TranMilenio before but I've never had anything on a schedule or needed to be somewhere on time so I want to make sure I give myself enough time to get from place to place as the city is so huge.

Also, when I move, I'm not planning to have a car. Is getting around without one on a daily basis okay or will I be really sad I don't have one? I bike a lot here in the States so I'm looking at getting a bike when I get there too. Basically I just want to make sure I can get around, get where I need to go, and get there on time! :) Any tips or helpful advice would be appreciated...I don't want to get lost!

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