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How is Bogota for expat? (Bogotá)

Hi everyone,

I am evaluating an offer to work in Bogota. There are so many criteria to consider when one moves to another country and I have made my own searches for the essential. However I haven't found information about the following, so I would like to have your opinion.

In my home city, I train in a regular basis for triathlon. All around the year, I run, bike and swim. Does Bogota have the appropriate infrastructure for such activities. Can a woman jog freely outdoor without danger or annoyance? Same question for biking, … can I go biking freely in the mountains with my super expensive bike… I find that a little bit silly since I have heard so many issues with the security and safety. And what about pools? Is there any pool accessible to do laps in a sport center or even in an hotel?

I do really think that one has to readjust his life and activities when moving in another country… So will I if it is necessary… I only need to prepare myself mentally after you give me some opinion.

thanks for your help!

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