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How to get a job as a foreigner from overseas? (Bogotá)

Hi, I'm hoping some of the knowledgable people on these forums can help me out :)

I am looking for an adventure and hoping to find a job overseas.

I am Australian and living in Australia, but would really like to find a job preferably in central or south america but am really happy to be in any Spanish/Portuguese speaking country (I'm a native English speaker but I speak intermediate Spanish and Portuguese).

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a long history of nannying in private households. I am currently studying a Masters degree in elementary/primary school teaching (but this is self paced and virtual classes so can be done from anywhere).

I don't have the money to simply travel or volunteer, so hoping to find a job opportunity.

Any advice or info is much appreciated.

Also I'm not limiting my job search to only psych or nannying jobs - I'm open to almost anything!

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