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I would appreciate your recommendations... (Bogotá)

So, I'm here in Chapinero, and I've got a few projects for which I need your references...

EYES--I need a new OPTOMETRIST who will perform a simple examination and an OPTICIAN from whom I can purchase some high-quality progressive lenses (thin, anti-reflective, anti-fog, etc). On glasses I'm willing to splurge a bit. I'm a Colsanitas member.

TAILOR--I'd like to buy some mid-priced ( Protected content ) custom shirts. I could go a bit higher if you're ga-ga about somebody. Perhaps a new suit is in order, too

DOCUMENT TRANSLATION-- universtiy transcripts, etc. I'm happy to pay a bit more for someone who will provide quality work in a timely manner

TV--I'm going to buy a television in order to improve my Spanish comprehension and stay abreast of the forthcoming election. I'll need to buy a TV and then pay somebody to mount it upon the wall. Is there a store where I can do both? What's a good mid-priced, medium-sized TV?

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