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InterNations Bogota 3rd Year Aniversay Celebration (Bogotá)

Guys! I am really excited to share with you that 3 years ago, on a 22nd of August of Protected content , I started InterNations Bogota´s first get-together, to which some people that came on that opportunity are still in Bogotá, others have left (even when they would love to be here), or others have even left and returned.

It has been very exciting to meet so many of you and having the opportunity to share with each and every one of you. I can still remember clearly how to the first event we had around 12 people attend, compared to our last events, where we've had over 80 people. That is why I am also pround to have Andrea Naletto onboard to help me with the next events as Co-Ambassador for the Bogota Community, and so far he's shown that he will be providing a lot of value and new ideas for this community.

The community has been growing, good friends have come out of all this and it is a fantastic way of helping people that are alone in Colombia not to feel that way.

When I first volunteered for this position, I remembered how when I lived in Scotland, Spain and Germany, I wanted to meet people, and learn where I could find things from my country, how to call home cheaper, and all those kind of things that you miss when you are abroad. With InterNations you have this space to meet good friends and get help and advice from others that are on your same position.

What I most like about InterNations is the Quality of the People that belong to our group in Bogotá and all over the world. Protected content we can keep it this way and that you can join me to celebrate this exciting date for our community.

Here is the link to this month's 3rd Aniversary Celebration:
>> Protected content

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!

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