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IVA - Buying goods online (Bogotá)

Hi Guys,

In Australia, you can buy online from a foreign country up to $1,000 and it is exempt from local VAT when it arrives to Aus. I have read in the USA it is $200, and in UK/Ireland it is something like $30.

However, in the UK/Ireland, some packages get through without customs hitting you with the VAT charge. It is quite hit and miss...I have read that in Ireland customs usually ignore anything with a value of less than 100euro as they simply don´t have the time to go through every single package to then apply the local VAT and then hold the goods for you until you come in and make this payment.

I was just wondering if anybody knows the law here? If I buy something from say USA for $50 via ebay, will I get hit? What if its $200? Does Colombia have any thresholds like other countries? Also based on experience, do some goods get in without customs hitting you for the IVA even if its over these thresholds?

Any opinions at all greatly appreciated

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