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Jobs in Cali (Bogotá)


I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to advertise for a job teaching English in Cali. Or, if I can make more money I would prefer if I can find a job doing private Nanny/babysitting for children to be exposed to learning English (lessons and just exposing kids to games in English, its popular in Spain). It would be more consistent and reliable income I think. But I do not know how to advertise for it.

Can anyone walk me through figuring out the visa process if I can find a job Teaching English (I have heard back from Berlitz) for when I get back (in a couple days). I am an Engineer (chemical and Environmental experience/eduction) but I do not think my Spanish is good enough for that.

Does anyone have some advice. I am moving back to live with my boyfriend, but want to figure out a visa option before my tourist visa expires (should get a whole new Protected content , right?). Any advice?

Are there any events this group does outside of Bogota?



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