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"Lassoing Affections" documentary premier (Bogotá)

For those interested in knowing one of the most beautiful and richest regions of Colombia, the Llanos Orientales, join this Saturday March 31st at 3 p.m., my good friends, documentary producers and anthropologists Talía Osorio and Francisca Reyes in the premier of their 75-minute documentary "Lassoing Affections" (Enlazando Querencias).

The premier will take place at AUDITORIO FUNDADORES - UNIVERSIDAD CENTRAL, Calle 22 No. Protected content , Bogotá. Download a free invitation at Protected content . To take a look at the trailer visit Protected content . Here goes a short description of the documentary. Hope you can make it!

“Lassoing Affections” tells the story of a group of llaneros, or plainsmen, in the Colombian Llanos, in Casanare, who, not unlike cowboys from the Old West, have to traverse an extension of 40.000 hectares, driving a herd of cattle larger than the population of any neighboring village, thus fulfilling a task that has remained the same for Protected content .

This 75-minute documentary in high definition video follows the work of the llaneros in one of the few remaining extensive cattle ranches in the region, in an attempt to decipher the plains and the people that inhabit them, documenting them as they are, and as they still strive to be. Through the retelling of their individual stories, the sudden appearance of the oil companies, and the modern cattle raising techniques that gain acceptance, “Lassoing Affections” travels on horseback during a 45-day period in which 40 mounted plainsmen through songs, raw courage and desire, rediscover with each sunset the force to continue their way of life.

This setting and its inhabitants will further the viewer’s understanding of the word “querencia” —a quest for, an emotional attachment to, a unique affection for the land— that exists in the hearts and minds of those who have belonged to a culture where man, horse, cattle and plains are all one and the same. This journey provides an ideal platform for presenting 21st-century viewers with a way of life that is bound to astound, as it is bound to disappear."

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