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Looking for my replacement! (Bogotá)

I'm looking for someone to replace me next month in my job as an English teacher. I'm going back home. I've been working with the company for 2 months and it's been great for the following reasons:

- Class sizes are small. Most are private classes and the biggest group I have is 3 students.

- Get paid on time, in cash if you need it.

- Boss is easy to work for. No hassle. If you turn up at your classes on time and teach some English you won't hear from him until payday!

- Can work from a textbook with a teacher's handbook so you've not got to spend ages looking for listening exercises or thinking of things to do.

Professional English teachers, native speakers at a loose end, anyone who wants to have a crack at teaching is welcome to send me a message and I'll put you in touch.

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