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Mobile Chair Massage Services (Bogotá)

Hi all,

I would like to introduce my company Click n Spa. We offer chair massage services at offices and events.

It has been proven that 15 minute chair massages in the workplace reduce stress. The positive effects of workplace massage create lasting results and contribute to the well-being & productivity of the entire company. Our services are available in various payment options:
- Company-sponsored: the company pays 100%.
- Co-payment: the company and the employees split the cost.
- Employee-sponsored: employees pay for their massages

Your company / employees need to book minimum 1 hour of massages for us to come to your office.

Chair massages at events (trade shows, sport events, conventions, marketing events etc.) allow the company to create a lasting impact:
- makes the event special
- optimizes the intervals during conferences and conventions
- helps capture the attention of the audience
- Ideal to recover after an intensive exercise

We are ready to come to your site anywhere in Bogotá and the surrounding areas.

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