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Moving from San José, Costa Rica to Bogota. (Bogotá)

My family may be moving from Costa Rica this summer, after nearly seven years here, and I have some questions.
Our 11 year old daughter plays tennis and we'd be looking for a tennis academy. Also, she's home schooled/privately tutored and we'd like to find a math/science tutor and a Mandarin tutor (she's been taking it for nearly four years).
Also would like to know if anyone has any experience moving pets from Central America to Colombia?
It's very expensive here in Costa Rica and a friend who knows both countries feels we'll get more bang for our buck in Colombia.
I'd also be interested in any playgroups in town, as we also have a six-month old, and any homeschool groups, if anyone knows of any.
Also, how's the variety and quality of food in the grocery stores? Cost and variety of cheeses? Any organic choices/markets/ferias? Any ferias at all?
Last question: is driving around with my kids a safe option?

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