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Multilingual looking for a job in Bogota (Bogotá)

Bonjour, Hello, Buenos dias, Bom dia,

I am Marie-Anne, 24 years old. I just joined this community as I am planning to move to Bogota in January. But for that to happen, I will need to find a position.

Despite my young age, I already have a quite interesting background. I invite you to read the short presentation below, as well as my profile page.

Should you have any job to offer, or any other suggestion to make, please feel free to contact me.

> Who am I?

I have already lived, studied and worked in 5 different countries, on 3 different continents. After my graduation in a Business School in France and in Mexico 2 years ago, I decided to move to Paris, where I have been working for a company specialising in the import, export, storage and distribution of a wide variety of foodstuffs from global suppliers.

My main mission is to make sure that the products which the traders bought to our global suppliers are being well taken care of. I ensure they are custom cleared, and carried to our customers, mainly in France and China, respecting the administration requirements.
I am in contact with all our partners (suppliers, freight forwarders, customers etc) and do my best to find the best solutions for everyone.

> What am I looking for?

First of all, I am open to any suggestion which I would study with attention.
I have a 2-year experience in one specific field, which I hope can be useful to you soon ! I am sure that my motivation, educacional and professional background, as well as language skills can match your needs and expectations.

Thanks in advance for your help !


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