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Need a recliner in very good condition - bed avail (Bogotá)


Hi, this is my first post here. I've been moving to Villa de Guaduas, Cundinamarca since last year.
I need a recliner in hopefully very good/decent condition, preferably leather although other would do also. Not the horrible plastic from "Home Sentry" in Bogota. Guaduas is near Villeta, Cundinamarca and about 120km from Bogota. It's very hot there, and I'd prefer leather if possible as I have expatriated my cats and leather doesn't collect cat hair and they don't scratch it, and plasticky stuff would kill me with the heat and humidity there. I need it to sleep in, due to a bad back I'm unable to sleep in a bed. If I can find one, I would have a beautiful handmade bed with an excellent mattress to trade or sell.
I'm currently in Virginia USA, should be back in some two months.
Please, if anybody has or knows of someone who has a good recliner, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks!

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