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Need help: preparing trip-looking for insider tips (Bogotá)

Hello from Beijing!

I am preparing a trip to your great country and I need your help!

I have found plenty of the common tourist information on the websites - but I look for some HIDDEN GEMS and LEGENDS.
Something only the locals know, something they talk about, some great stories grandparents tell their grandchild.
It does NOT have to be necessarily famous, actual history or verifiable! It should be interesting and meaningful,

It can be interesting places, people, stories, myth, ...
And: if there is a particular person that knows best about this story and can tell it best: who is this person?

I want to do a documentation on PHOTO and VIDEO about the legends.

I also want to do some ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY (taking photos of orbit and stars at night).
Do you know a place where this can be done? Are there any particular photographers, group, association or institution in your country / area dealing with astrophotography? If so, I would like to know where to find them!

If you do not know such things - but you know someone who does please forward this information!

All feedback please send me a private message or email to the following email address: Protected content

Any hint and feedback will be highly appreciated!
THANK YOU very, very much for your time and support!!
I am very much looking forward discovering your great country following your leads!

Best regards,


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