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Need some input on tenant rights! (Bogotá)

My wife and I moved into a new apartment last week. During the takeover/inspection, we discovered some issues that need resolved. So far the rental company is dragging their feet on helping us so I need to know what our rights are.

There are two main issues:
1) The hot water heater is quite old. In order to light it, you have to stick a match or lighter inside the unit. My wife insists that this is quite dangerous and is not allowed in Colombia. I have no idea if it's dangerous or not...I simply can't get the thing to light! For the past week, I've taken "showers" by heating hot water on the stove and dumping it over my head. :(

2) The stove isn't calibrated correctly so it's impossible to tell when the gas is turned off. Every time my wife walks into the apartment she says "Smells like gas".

We talked to the rental company last week and were told that we needed to go to Gas Natural and ask for an inspection. My wife went today and Gas Natural told her she have to wait till March 1st to ask for an inspection.

We plan on going back to the rental company tomorrow and insist that they do something about this. But it would help if someone could advise us on what our rights are.


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