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Needing a Business Admin that knows BPM (Bogotá)

Hi, I am new in the community but I thought of giving it a shot.

With our team of software developers we have created really interesting programs, some that are common to some companies like KPI, GIS, online catalogues, and lots of tailor made programs for clients in our list.

Now, in the list of things we want to make,we want to make a cloud based software that can help in the BPM area, to optimize the implementation, help designing the BP and things such a program would be supposed to do.

We don't know much about the subject, so we are looking for a person, or group that knows this very well and would like to join us in a business venture to develop this program and then sell it and share the profits.

We believe there is not a good program on this area that is affordable for most companies, so there is a big market we are aiming for.

Btw, my website is some there are some samples and descriptions of the work we have done.

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