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Nutrition and organic,vegan cooking courses (Bogotá)

Next Saturday July 5: Nutrition and organic cooking basic course, vegetarian ¡delicious! and no dairy products included.
These are the recipes that will prepare, all “friendly” with our body! and of course: DELICIOUS!!

-Sesame milk (the sesame is ten times richer calcium than the cow milk).
-Orange cake (vegan, no dairy products included! no eggs, no butter) with organic panela: (natural sugar caned product ) and kamut flour (organic, with few gluten and evenly assimilated by the celiacs; other option if someone need: with quinua and almonds flour, totally gluten free).
-Chickpea burgers with black quinua flakes, sunflower seeds and oriental spices (such as fenogreco, ginger, turmeric…).
-Quinua croquettes with garlic and coriander.
-Oriental whole rice, prepared with spices and seeds.

This is the direct link to my web page:
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Every day I publish new contents, there you will find courses video clips, recipes, new places to buy organic foods and eat healthy and nutrition for the soul too! And in addition here in "my profile" you can see photos of this basic course.

Facilitator: Jenny Soler : Oriental dance instructor for women using art as a means of transformation to fully develop the feminine principle and connect and clean the unconsciousness; author of the book: “Look inside yourself and discover the Sirens” and two other books of pedagogy (with second international edition) and organic nutrition; lecturer in the fields of self-care, conflict and stress management and nutrition and organic cooking; personal and family counselor / therapist; professional Astrologer and Director and Professor of Mathematics area for CESA, businees School in Bogotá.

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