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Opening a bank account (Bogotá)

I moved to Colombia over two weeks ago on a work visa and registered with DAS a few days after arrival. After registering with DAS I was told that due to a new effort to reduce paperwork and expedite government services the time to receive my cedula would be 3 months rather than the previous 8 days (nice job streamlining the process!). It seems that without the physical cedula (I received my ID number when I registered with DAS) it is impossible to open a bank account in Colombia. Even though I have been a long standing customer with HSBC in two countries, the Colombia HSBC told me that they would not let me open an account until I have lived here at least 6 months....this after filling out half a dozen applications, being fingerprinted a couple of dozen times, and being told that my account would be ready within 5 days. My HR department then arranged for me to open an account with Bancolombia. Again I filled out and signed the documents and went through the fingerprint procedure and was told that my account information would be sent to me that afternoon...still nothing.

Does anyone on this site know of a bank that will let a legal resident who lacks a physical cedula open a bank account? Has anyone else who recently moved to Colombia had this problem? Thanks!

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