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Pensions performance review uk ex/patriates (Bogotá)

Hi to all uk resident ex/ pats now living in colombia, i have been in financial services 20 plus years in the uk, although i now reside in colombia having my full residency, i travel to uk regular with my work , my company has a uk based office where we do all financial services,


Well, you know how you see in the newspapers, pretty much all of the times about pensions not growing properly and their charges to high .....

Frankly, if you believe everything that you reed, you'd probably feel that pensions are a bit of a waste of time.

Obviously this is really important stuff because if we dont get our pensions to grow properly then we wont have enough money to live on when we retire.

So what i do for my clients is to put together a proper investment strategy for the money that they've already got in their pensions so that they can enjoy a more secure retirement.


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