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Pets inside restaurants/ eating joints (Bogotá)


I have been noticing this trend of people taking their pets (read:dogs) inside restaurants, bakeries, etc. in Bogota and more often than not, the owner/ management seems to be completely comfortable with it! I mean I do understand the sentiments of the pet lovers and that they get all touchy about this topic, but then shouldn't there be a standard or hygiene factor when it comes to animals in eating places? I've been through this enough number of times in Zona G and many other places in different parts of the city. Even in places that say "prohibido mascotas", they don't seem to be serious about implementing it. Since the management hardly has an objection to such occurrences, the only option we are left with is to blacklist that particular eatery from our list and move on. On one instance, we were having a pizza in a restaurant and noticed there is a dog inside only after it started barking from under the adjacent table. Is that acceptable? Can I complain formally to an organization about particular instances such as these? Any inputs would be appreciated.


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