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I don't often look at my own profile visitors, but occasionally I do, if I see a nice looking girl has been checking me out, hahaha. But what really amazes me, is that hundreds of girls, and yes, nice pretty ones, have checked out my profile, but they never ever leave a message. I wondered why?

Do they simply look, and think "No, he's not my type" or are they too shy to speak? Or maybe my style of writing or sometimes outrageous comments make folk wonder what sort of person writes this trash?

I really would like occasionally to know what you are thinking, the curiosity, the reason why you wanted to check out this guy. Maybe if you're too shy to speak, just say so, or just say "Hi". I don't bite, haha. I have made a few friends on here, and sometimes its nice to meet other posters, and I've had a few coffees or beers, and passed many a pleasant sunday afternoon chatting in Juan Valdez or some place. It doesn't mean I'm trying to date you, (well, maybe, if we have something in common, or if we think each other attractive), haha, but its good to meet up occasionally, and get to know other contributors here in Bogota.

So, does anyone else have the same experience, wondering why they have many visitors, but no-one ever stops to chat? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

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